Yoga for jet lag

Can Yoga help with jet lag? Of course!

What is jet lag? Jet lag happens to travelers who travel by plane from the East to the West or vice versa and go to places where the local time is very different from their own country. The sunrise and sunset are no longer synchronized with the biological clock, which is "tuned" differently, based on our 24-hour biological rhythm.

Jet lag is basically the weakness of the body to adapt the new time zone of a country where it gets dark several hours earlier or later than our body is used to. Jet lag causes the body some symptoms such as tiredness, headache, nervousness, insomnia, inability to concentrate etc. Some travellers also mention stomach discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, swollen ankles and pain in the joints.

With some very simple yoga exercises we can avoid all the above and enjoy our trip and our holidays without all the annoying symptoms.

  1. Downward-Facing Dog:

This pose is one of the simplest,most energizing yoga poses to combat jet lag. It bring blood flow to the brain, strengthens, lengthens, and energizes every one of your muscles. This pose is excellent to raise your energy and helps you with your focus.

  1. Sukhasana:

This pose helps you to feel grounded, calm the mind, strengthen your back, and gently open your hips, which often feel tight after a long day of travel.

  1. Supine Spinal Twist:

Another one pose with many benefits. It helps release the lower back, improves digestion, and the most important quiets the mind. The more you can stay in this pose your body will let go and surrender. This pose is not overly active, so you won’t get tired holding it. Stay in this pose as long as you like and feel the inner peace and the calmness.

  1. Corpse:

Perform Corpse pose at the end of your jet-lag-fighting sequence. This pose balance your systems, calm your nervous system and helps you with the insomnia that the let lag can cause. Just lie down and feel your body sink into relaxation.