Yoga at your desk

Those who work at an office they know pretty well that their greatest enemy is soulless and has wheels. It is the office chair that slowly sucks all the vitality of the body especially the waist, back, shoulders and neck.

That is why we recommend for you these four anxiolytic yoga exercises you can do at your desk to relieve your waist, relax the back and drive away any tension.

  1. Half Downward Facing Dog:

In the classic yoga pose "Downward Facing Dog", soles and palms are flat on the floor and the body forms a "mountain", where the "top" points at the ceiling. The "Half Dog" is an easier version, less demanding and also more relaxing.

Put your palms against the chair or the wall and leave a deep breath. This exercise allows the back to open and stretch. Focus your attention on the area between the neck and back. Take deep breaths and relax. Stay there and count to ten.

  1. Seated Twist:

This is a simple exercise but very effective exercise to get rid of the tension.

Sit on the chair with your buttocks to rest against the seat, hold the right arm of the chair (if you can grab the back of it) with the left hand and twist your upper body to the right. Stay there counting to five and breath. Repeat on the other side.

  1. Bending forward pose:

To boost the circulation of blood to the head (and be more creative) stand upright and calmly bend forward. Feel the head, hands and all your upper body hanging down like you're a cloth doll. Feel your head like a heavy ball. If you want, you can hold your elbows and move like a pendulum back and forth. Then go up slowly, straighten your head and move past your shoulders.

  1. Cat Cow Pose:

Sit on a chair with your buttocks touching the chair, put your hands on the thighs and stretch. Breathe in and extend forward with slight lordosis throughout the spine and head turned slightly toward the ceiling.

Hope you already feel more relaxed to continue your day!