Best time to do Yoga

What is the best time of the day to do yoga?

The answer to this question is whenever you feel you want to do. There is no better or worse time of the day for yoga - that's what makes it so great!

Many prefer to do yoga in the morning after awakening. Morning exercise provides benefits that you can't have in other time. Most of them are mental benefits, connecting mind and body which especially in the practice of yoga it is very important.

In the morning practice we increase the circulation of oxygen in the body awaking more effectively both the physical layer and the mind. The alertness that is required to perform the exercises is what the brain needs to begin to process information and coordinate for the new day.

The morning practice can be a good motivation to get up in the morning from bed. There are many times we get up tired and we spend all day tired, with low energy and we expect to finish the day to make our practice and feel better. Change that. Start the day by raising your energy and keep it up for the whole day!

Other people prefer to practice yoga in the evening before going to bed. Because yoga affects the nervous system, specifically the brain, it is not surprising that it has great effect on sleep.

Yoga lowers our stress levels, calms the mind and relieves the body from stress. Some rest poses and forward bendings can be particularly useful on the fight against anxiety and insomnia, especially when done in the evening. Many practitioners say that the evening practice of yoga help to relax and sleep better.

Of course you can do yoga in the middle of the day, even if you are in the office. The long hours sitting position and the focus that requires when you work, borne entire body especially the waist, back, shoulders and neck. Some yoga poses help you relax, discharge stress and recharge in just a few minutes.

As you can see there is not a best time to do Yoga. You can do Yoga whatever you feel that you need it, you want it, because first of all by doing Yoga you must feel happy! Yoga is fun and happiness!