Best meditation apps

Since modern way of life becomes more and more pressing, there is an urgent need for relaxation.

Everybody says that mobile contributes significantly to increasing our stress levels but on the other side, there are applications that promise to eliminate stress and relax us on-the-go.

So take a break, relax and take a deep breath as we recommend you five great apps with exercises, guaranteed to melt your stress away!

  1. Headspace: iOS-Android

It is no secret that meditation helps with stress and anxiety and Headspace is designed to make meditation more accessible, with 10 short guided meditations and reminders to help you calm down quickly.

  1. Relax Melodies: iOS-Android

Insomnia is a possible consequence of stress. This application allows you to choose relaxing sounds and create an environment that will help you sleep. It can also be used to create a few minutes of calm in the middle of the day.

  1. Calm: iOS-Android

Available online and as a mobile application helps you make easy meditation through guided sessions, ranging from 2 to 20 minutes. It also has nature sounds which are very helpfull to relaxation.

  1. Smiling Mind: iOS-Android

The Smiling Mind reminds you how relaxed and happy can your life be if you remember to breathe. The application contains Mindfulness 101, a series of easy-relaxation exercises, to regain your positivity. If you liked the 101, we bet you will continue with the 201, 301 and all other tracks that will just make you the happiest person.

  1. Omvana: iOS-Android

Omvana has pre-installed five or six meditation programs. You can play one or more as many times as you like and buy new ones from the Omvana store. If you choose the Beginners program will teach you in small and steady steps to do meditation without the help of the app.

As you see there is no need to stress. All you need is your smartphone and your breath.